Learn how to deal poker from true casino professionals.

Truepokerdealer is a free, instructional, video-based website that teaches how to deal poker from the perspective of casino professionals. We start with the shuffle and cover everything that is taught in a typical poker dealer school.

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How to Deal Poker: An Introduction to Truepokerdealer

In this video, our lead instructor explains that Truepokerdealer is a series of videos that go over how to deal poker from a casino industry standard. Our goal with Truepokerdealer is to teach how to deal poker through videos and to finally make it so that anybody has access to it. Some of the topics covered are: how to shuffle, how to pitch, how to deal with the bank, how to open and close a table, how to do a fill, the rules of Texas hold 'em, limit and no-limit, Omaha hold 'em, including pot-limit, limit and high-low, seven card stud, stud-8, razz and a few other games. Enjoy!