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How to Deal Poker: Cheque Change and Color Up (Part 1)

In this video, you learn how to handle cheque change and color ups just like you would in a poker dealer school. This is part 1 of 2. When you are finished, continue to part 2. Below are the concepts discussed in the video.

This video shows how to handle chips coming in and chips going out - what do you do when someone hands you large denomination chips and you have to give them a bunch of smaller denomination chips so they can play at your table. Many of the same principles of working space apply here as they do with Buy Ins.

A chip is also commonly referred to as a cheque in the casino industry. This is less common in poker than in table games. When displaying chips, larger denominations are displayed closest to the dealer with full stacks being the closest. The next row is incomplete full stacks, and last comes the remainder for the short stacks. Then you would move on to the next denomination. Sometimes, you can combine denominations in a display to make it easier to read the amount. These principles apply both for the incoming and outgoing sides of the bank. Before beginning either type of transaction, be sure to verify that you either have room to accept the color up in your bank or that you have the right chips in your bank to give the player change for their cheques. Hand out the outgoing chips before putting the incoming chips into your bank.

It is preferred to be consistent with the industry standard when breaking down 8 red chips ($40) by splashing 5 chips, leaving a bit of space, and then splashing the other 3 chips. If a player gives you 3 green chips and a red chip and they want all red chips, you can either hand them back the red chip they gave you, or you can just account for the red chip when displaying your transaction. When pushing out 5 stacks of chips, arrange them by having 3 stacks lined up closest to you and the other 2 stacks behind them. To push them, you put your thumb on the outside of a stack, then your index finger goes in the next gap between stacks, then your middle finger in the next gap, and last your ring finger goes on the outside and then you turn your hand to the side for more control. When pushing the chips, be sure to apply pressure to the very bottom chips in each stack.

The Cheque Change examples in this video include:

  • $5 Cheque Change - Red to White Chips
  • $25 Cheque Change - Green to Red Chips
  • $40 Cheque Change - Red to White Chips
  • $80 Cheque Change - Green & Red to Red Chips
  • $125 Cheque Change - Black & Green to Red Chips
  • $500 Cheque Change - Black & Green to Red Chips