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How to Deal Poker: Cheque Change and Color Up (Part 2)

In this video, you learn how to handle cheque change and color ups just like you would in a poker dealer school. This is part 2 of 2. It amkes sense to watch part 1 first, if you have not yet done so. Below are the concepts discussed in the video.

This video shows how to handle chips coming in and chips going out - what do you do when someone hands you a bunch of small denomination chips and you have to give them a few large denomination chips? When handing out chips, change hands when appropriate to hand the chips off to the correct player without exposing your bank. If you have too many chips for your bank and you need to find a way to fit them in there, get creative without putting the chips where the cards go. Extra chips can even go on top of the other chips as shown.

The Color Up examples in this video include:

  • $100 Color Up - Green to Black Chips
  • $100 Color Up - Red to Green Chips
  • $335 Color Up - Green & Red to Black & Green Chips
  • $985 Color Up - Green & Red to Black, Green, & Red Chips