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How to Deal Poker: How to Handle Poker Chips

In this video, you will learn how to deal with chips like a professional, casino dealer. We take you through the do's and dont's of handling chips. Below are the concepts discussed in the video.

Clearing your hands - To clear your hands, show both sides of your open hand to surveillance to prevent theft by dealers. This is regulated by some states.

How to hold chips - hold both individual chips and stacks of chips only in your fingertips and not your palms.

How to change hands with chips - place the chip or stack of chips on the felt, clear your hand and pick them up with the other hand.

How to put a stack of chips into the bank - thumb on top and index finger on the bottom of the stack and roll toward yourself. You could also roll the stack away from yourself or grip it with your index fingernail face down on the top of the stack.

How to push a pot to a winning player - Surround the chips with your hands, and push them all the way to the player and clear your hands on the way back. If you have too many chips to push all at once, that is ok. Do not pick the chips up off the table or stack the chips when the pot belongs to one player.

How to stack the chips for a split pot - stack chips in your fingertips with value chips. For non-value chips, you can position them in your thumb and index fingers and roll them into your palms.

Playing with gaming equipment is not good dealing practice. Players lose confidence that the dealer is paying attention and begin to feel that the dealer does not care about the game or may be stealing from the pot.

The proper grip to hand off chip stacks to a player has the index finger bent on top of the stack with your thumb and middle finger on the sides touching the felt.