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How to Deal Poker: How to Perform a Fill

In this video, you learn how to do a bank fill just like you would if you worked in a casino as a poker dealer. When you're low on chips and you have to keep your poker game going, you'll often have a lot of cash in your bank, you'll have to give someone the cash and they will replace the chips. There is a lot of procedure, and the whole time everyone just watches and waits for you. This is a bit more advanced and is never required to get a dealing job. Sometimes, dealers never learn how to do this efficiently though, and it hurts them in the long run, and this video will help with that. It will also help poker players understand what is happening when they are playing poker.

The poker world is somewhat inconsistent with bank fill procedure. This videos shows a couple different fill methods to help demonstrate that.

Remember that there is no "correct" way to deal poker. There is variety all over the place, but ultimately, the only "correct" way to deal poker is the way your employer instructs you to.

While there is a lot of variation on how to do a fill, the idea is to clearly and efficiently verify and display all incoming chips. In general, as long as a casino's poker dealing procedures are consistent throughout the casino, which procedures they use for fills doesn't matter that much. When all employees deal poker the same way, it's easier to monitor.

The standard time for fills to take place is in between hands. It's either the standard time for the dealer to give the money to the chip runner, or it's the standard time to receive the poker chips.

The Steps of a Poker Fill:

  1. Move the deck out of the way and protect it.
  2. Display the money in a similar way as a buy in.
  3. Count the money out loud so that everyone can verify it.
  4. Scoop the money up and place it on the felt to the right of the dealer. Do not hand the money to the chiprunner. Do not allow the chiprunner to reach over the bank and block the bank from the view of casino surveillance.
  5. Usually, the chiprunner will represent the cash amount with lammers. These get left spread out for surveillance until it is time to give them back to the chiprunner.
  6. While you wait for them, just keep dealing more poker hands, and you can prepare your bank to receive chips as well by removing short stack lammers and the like.
  7. When they return, finish the hand you are dealing, and then it is time to receive the chips.
  8. Protect the cards once again.
  9. They put the chips on the table to the right of the dealer.
  10. The idea is to get the chips into the bank as quickly as possible with procedures. Learning with procedures is almost always as quick as without, so it makes sense to learn them correctly for multiple reasons.
  11. Separate the racks.
  12. Short stacks go on the right during fills and the full stacks go on the left.
  13. Display the short stacks by denomination with the largest denomination closest to the dealer.
  14. Display the full stacks by denomination as well. There are a few ways to display full stacks that are equally as professional.
  15. Break down a full stack of the largest denomination used in the fill to show that all the full stacks contain twenty chips apiece.
  16. Pick that stack up and use it to prove all other full stacks.
  17. Count the chips and if they match the amount represented in lammers, place the lammers in the rack(s), and allow the chiprunner to leave.
  18. With one hand, pick up the spacers, and with the other hand, strategically place the chips by denomination into the bank, spacing them off as you go.
  19. When picking up full stacks from the felt, avoid going hand to hand with the stacks. Instead, roll a stack toward yourself with your thumb and index fingers to give yourself a grip that will allow you to easily drop the stacks into the well.

Remember that correctly displaying cash and chips is essential when doing fills. Dealers sometimes get into the habit of taking shortcuts in these areas, and some of them never run into issues up until they have a variance on a fill they've done. When surveillance needs to review a tape, and a dealer has been sloppy or lazy, then the dealer will usually get in trouble. Don't be that dealer! Follow the procedure and don't let yourself get lazy!