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How to Deal Poker: Poker Buy-Ins (1 of 2)

In your head, separate the felt in front of the dealer into two sides, split down the middle in front of the tray. The left side is money/chips coming into the dealer. The right side is money/chips going out to the players. That is your organization at all times.

Start your cash a bit up to the left and then as you display it, angle the bills down to the right to allow surveillance the best chance of seeing any mistakes that need to be found. When you get to five bills for everything but $50's, you start a new column. For $50's you break them down in four bills before starting a new column. No two denominations can touch.

Generally, cash from the bank is not allowed to go out to the players in any transaction. When displaying outgoing chips, create an intelligent arrangement by having the larger denominations closer to the dealer and by creating new rows as shown. Avoid taking anything, such as cash, directly out of a player's hand. Instead, have the player put it on the table.

When doing buy ins, accomodate player requests, but never ask a player's preference. Players often take a long time thinking about what they want and you just have to wait for them. Instead, get a feel for what the buy in should be based on the game being played, their current stack, and the denominations that are already on the table and decide for them based on that. They will usually be fine with whatever you give them.

Put a small amount of time to put the bills in order when you are handed a mess of cash. If you have a large number of bills, you can lace the bills as shown in the $500 buy in to give yourself enough room to work with. To push chips out to the player, surround the stacks with your fingers, apply pressure to the bottom chip in each stack, and push the stacks along the felt. Different amounts of stacks require different finger positions. In general, if you want to stack different denominations on top of each other to push the chips out, that's fine as long as the larger denomination chips are on the bottom.

The buy ins in this video include:

  • $100 Buy In - Red Chips
  • $100 Buy In - Red & White Chips
  • $200 Buy In - Red Chips
  • $400 Buy In - Green & Red Chips
  • $500 Buy In - Green & Red Chips