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How to Deal Poker: Poker Buy-Ins (2 of 2)

In this video, you learn how to handle cash buy ins just like you would in a poker dealer school. View part one before watching this video. Below are the concepts discussed in the video.

It is a good idea to announce the amount of money displayed during a cash buy in for the odd numbered buy ins. When displaying $190 in red chips, it is easier to see the amount in chips if you display $100 in red in one row closest to you, then $75 in red in the next column, and then the last $15 in a separate column above it. No two denominations can touch to make verification by surveillance as easy as possible.

The buy ins in this video include:

  • $190 Buy In - Red Chips
  • $355 Buy In - Green Chips With One Red Chip
  • $300 Buy In - Green, Red & White Chips
  • $40 Buy In - White Chips
  • $60 Buy In - Red & White Chips