Learn how to deal poker from true casino professionals.

Truepokerdealer is a free, instructional, video-based website that teaches how to deal poker from the perspective of casino professionals. We start with the shuffle and cover everything that is taught in a typical poker dealer school.

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Additional Resources for Poker Dealers

Two Plus Two Poker Forums

TwoPlusTwo.com is the best of the best when it comes to the world of poker information, and their popularity is unrivaled. Originally a site on poker strategy, they have branched out into every topic on poker. The users of this forum are the highly critical minds of the poker world, and so much of the content is challenged to the extent that they usually end up with highly reliable poker information. In addition, former professional poker players, former poker dealers, esteemed poker writers, and other poker industry notables regularly contribute both to their forum pages and their regular site pages as well. In other words, if you have a question on anything poker, dealing included, ask it on the Twoplustwo forums and you usually won’t be disappointed. One could argue that the only thing that they lack are credible, free poker dealing resource videos.

Card Player Magazine

Best known for their magazine, Cardplayer has also created quite the website. They have great information on poker strategy, they link to blog after blog by professional poker players, their artistic poker tools will give you hand vs. hand percentages in different types of games, and they regularly update so many different news topics that the poker public is always wondering about, just like the leading poker website should. Great, so how is this helpful to a poker dealer? Think outside the box! Knowing what is going on in the poker world, a dealer’s industry, is a great way to connect with the players at your table, earn respect, and fill your pockets a bit faster. Just remember, one of the biggest pitfalls of poker dealers is talking too much when it isn’t appropriate. However, done intelligently, conversation at the table can be a huge aid to any poker dealer out there and Cardplayer.com is a great place to start.