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Truepokerdealer is a free, instructional, video-based website that teaches how to deal poker from the perspective of casino professionals. We start with the shuffle and cover everything that is taught in a typical poker dealer school.

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Poker Rules & Procedures: An Introduction to Poker

This video is one of many videos on how to deal poker. It is an introduction to the poker rules and procedures that dealers have to learn and goes over poker hand rankings with examples that help clarify some of the confusion that people who first encounter poker may experience. The topics covered here are the same as what you would learn in a poker dealer school. This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 takes the poker rules taught here and puts them in context by actually dealing out hands. Watch Part 2 when you are finished with this video.

To see a clear chart on the poker hand rankings and what beats what in poker, visit our hand rankings page.

The rules of poker leave a lot of room for creativity, and that anyone could come up with a variation of poker that could one day end up in casinos. A deck contains 13 different ranked cards with 4 suits (spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs) for each rank. 13 ranks x 4 suits = 52 total cards in a deck. A "kicker" is the highest unpaired card in a hand. Kickers are used to break ties when hands are otherwise of equal rank. If all the kickers tie as well, then both players split the pot.